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Trading and cutting parts in wear reststant steels Raex®, extra high strength steels Strenx® and Optim®, protection steels Ramor®

All the BLANCHARD Oxycoupage team, is very proud to inform you that its

System of Integrated Management is certified ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 by Intertek.


    • RAEX®, STRENX®, OPTIM®, RAMOR®, etc…

Raex® is a hardened steel grade with excellent hardness and strength properties and is resistant to abrasion and extreme surface pressure. Raex® as a material extends the lifespan of machinery, decreases the impacts of wear in structural components and saves costs.

Thanks to its high-strength properties, Raex® can be used for light-weight products with elegant shape and high energy efficiency. Raex® allows innovative and environmentally sound product development. Raex® is easy to weld, cut and has reasonably good formability. Safe work methods must be followed in workshop processing.

The new steel STRENX® launched on Intermat 2015 will replaced Optim®, Weldox® and Domex®

We have two labels coresponding as a “Raex certified partner” and a “Strenx certified partner”

We can offer you two kinds of services:

  • Quick and precise cutting of all types of “shapes” in different iron nuances from 2 to 160 mm thick.
  • The trade of construction and anti-abrasion plates, in all commercial sizes.

We have, therefore, the ability to answer all your expectations.

Either if :

  • you are a producer, a repairer, …
  • it’s about plates,…
  • unit or series parts,…

We are located in Nantes, at the crossroads of the main accesses.